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Health Benefits of the Acai Berry

The Acai berry has been used for its medicinal effects for hundreds of years in Brazil, and more recently has taken over the health food industry as one of the most popular berries to consume. But how is the açai berry used for health, what is its origin, and what is the best way to consume it?

Health Benefits of Açai
The açai berry has been used to treat cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, and for detoxification. Although the jury is still out in regards to the medical community’s support, açai berries are still regularly consumed for their super food benefits. Additionally, fitness experts recommend consumption of this fruit on a regular basis in order to improve general health and to maintain a healthy weight. The following additional benefits are also possible with açai.
  • Excellent antioxidant rich vitamins and minerals.
  •  Contains several anti-aging, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory chemicals.
  • Rich and vitamin B complex which contributes to the breakdown of carbohydrates and certain fats.

The Origin of Açai
As mentioned earlier, the açai berry is harvested from a palm tree that is native to Brazil. South American tribes have been using açai to treat different ailments for hundreds of years. The popularity of the açai berry gained traction with Dr. Nicholas Perricone who discussed the tremendous health benefits from the berries on the Oprah Winfrey show.

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Smoothies and Acai Bowls
Due to the potency and texture of the açai berries many health experts recommend breaking it down into either smoothies or a açai bowls. Açai bowls became strictly popular in South America and then were imported into Hawaii. Now it seems that the mainland has taken to this new way of consuming açai berries. 

Smoothies can contain virtually everything that açai bowls do with the exception of granola. Either way you consume them, açai berries will give you energy and improve your overall health.